How to book your hen party dance class?

Hen pArty planning.jpg

Has your best friend just said yes to the ring? Or you have and are excited to celebrate it with your besties? It can be a bit overwhelming knowing you have to organise it but we are here to make it so simple! Here is a step by step on how to book your hen party with Just Dance Brighton!

1-    Found out how many ladies will be celebrating with you this special occasion! It can be difficult to get everyone to confirm but is it important as this can influence your choice of activities and location! Just Dance Brighton offers dance classes for large groups to very small! We have several studios located in the centre of Brighton. No matter the size of your group we have the perfect place for you!

2-    Workout the budget for the weekend! Don’t worry, the bride gets the class for free!

3-    Pick a date! Agree on the best time for everyone to get together in Brighton!

4-    Have a look at our websites and gallery! We also have a video which gives you more information about who we are and what we do!

5-    Get a quote! Simply click on our contact form and filled in with your email address and information about your hen party, how many ladies and the preferred date.

6-    Feel free to call us if you would like to have a conservation and no a bit more!

7-    Receive your quote, time to get excited!

8-    Secure the booking with a 10% deposit

9-    Pack your bag for the big weekend! Bring your leggings, a nice top and heels, be ready to feel fabulous!