Hen party activities in Brighton!


Bring your hen party to Brighton!

If you decide to stay in the Uk there is only one place for hen parties by the beach, Brighton! Your hen do will be memorable and Brighton offers so much to do! Our burlesque dance class is the perfect activity to start the party, right in the centre of Brighton. Bring your mum, grand ma and all your best friends to learn an easy burlesque routine! Open to everyone the dance class will let ladies to get to know each other. After learning some of the sexy moves and doing dancing games you will enjoy some drinks and cakes! Our studios are very close to the Brighton beach and Brighton station. After the dance class why not stop on the seafront for some live music and drinks! Brighton offers amazing choice of restaurants and has the beautiful Ivy !

Be more confident through dancing



Be More confident!

Do you find yourself feeling shy and not comfortable in your body in general? Well you are not the only one! Pretty much every women are born not feeling good in their body! It is not fair but can be changed! And a great way to become more confident is simply to listen to music and feel the rhythm! Dancing and feeling alive, no matter if you are on your own in your kitchen or at our dance class! It’s about letting it go and feeling more relaxed! Our classes do not have mirrors so you will not worry about how you look. It is about how you feel that is important! Dancing makes people happy. During the dance class you will learn how to love every part of your body. Hips, chest, hair, everything is an opportunity to tease and dance burlesque! Trust me it is better than therapy, plus you can do it at home or with us, we provide private dance classes too if this suits you better. Looking for a fun activity for your group of friends? Book a class of fun and confidence with us! You will become the queens of burlesque and will learn an easy but impressive routine! 

How to book your hen party dance class?

Hen pArty planning.jpg

Has your best friend just said yes to the ring? Or you have and are excited to celebrate it with your besties? It can be a bit overwhelming knowing you have to organise it but we are here to make it so simple! Here is a step by step on how to book your hen party with Just Dance Brighton!

1-    Found out how many ladies will be celebrating with you this special occasion! It can be difficult to get everyone to confirm but is it important as this can influence your choice of activities and location! Just Dance Brighton offers dance classes for large groups to very small! We have several studios located in the centre of Brighton. No matter the size of your group we have the perfect place for you!

2-    Workout the budget for the weekend! Don’t worry, the bride gets the class for free!

3-    Pick a date! Agree on the best time for everyone to get together in Brighton!

4-    Have a look at our websites and gallery! We also have a video which gives you more information about who we are and what we do!

5-    Get a quote! Simply click on our contact form and filled in with your email address and information about your hen party, how many ladies and the preferred date.

6-    Feel free to call us if you would like to have a conservation and no a bit more!

7-    Receive your quote, time to get excited!

8-    Secure the booking with a 10% deposit

9-    Pack your bag for the big weekend! Bring your leggings, a nice top and heels, be ready to feel fabulous!

Would the Burlesque Dance class suit everyone?

Would the Burlesque Dance class suit everyone?

Your best friend has just said yes to the ring and you are in charge of organising it? A dance class is the perfect activity to bring everyone together in the afternoon and get to know each other while dancing and having some bubbly! You are probably wondering if the burlesque dance class would suit everyone?  The answer is yes!

We have had so many groups over the years and all with different age gaps and dancing experience. Our previous dance classes included:

Mums and grandmas! They loved it, the class is a slow pace dancing class, open to all ages!

Ladies who have never been dancing before and turn out to be fabulous with our boas and feather fans!

We even had several pregnant ladies! The class is low intensity and does not include any jumping around so future mamas are welcome!

The aim is to have fun and dance like no one is watching! Be sure to relax, everyone will love the dance class! You will have wonderful memories and photos from the hem party!


Hen party & Birthday Burlesque Dance class!

Hen party in Brighton-Dancing and more

What if the bride is more into countryside walks than clubbing? Check out some of the top 5 chill activities in Brighton!

Brighton is such a great location and has a lot to offer for hen parties and birthdays celebration! it is a party place but also a peaceful location perfect for walks on the beach and hike in the country side . For the brides who are looking for a relaxed and chill vibe some of the top activities are:

  • Kayaking around the pier of Brighton

  • Walking up the Seven Sisters with its stunning views

  • Having a picnic and cocktails on the beach

  • Going for a dance class at Just Dance Brighton!

Brighton Dance.jpg

Take your hen party to a beautiful walk and picnic!

This could be perfect on a hangover than too. You wan to be outside and get some fresh air! A short bus journeys will bring you the the Seven Sisters or you can simply walk along the Brighton beach and stop you found your perfect spot! Who knows for the brave ones maybe a quick swim in the sea! After dancing all night or at our Burlesque Dance Class your legs deserve some relaxing fresh sea water….

Hen Party Decorations!

The party starts when decorations are up! There are so many lovely choices out there! From Team bride features to Miss to Mrs there are hen party decorations for every taste! We have gathered some of our favourites for you, all handmade crafts ideas!


Team Bride!

Let’s get the party started!

If you are renting a property in Brighton you have the opportunity to decorate as you wish and make it more personal! The hens will love seeing some old photos of the bride and her team! A gold and pink set of confetti balloons and photobooth props is a must as well! It will add the touch of glamour to the lounge for example, where the party will starts! Another must is of course the bride to be sash, which can be bright pink and pop or more elegant in pale gold and pink. For nibbles presentation we love the donut wall, which can be customized with names. A personal message can be added at the top, always great for photos! Setting off the mood for the hen party celebration!

New workshop! Afro Beats Dancing

Dance like you are on stage with Beyonce! Our new workshop has been designed for all levels. Get ready to shake your booty and embrace your body shape. Trainers required and comfortable clothes, this class is about feeling the rhythm of music and feeling good in our skin! Making the most of our curves you will learn an easy routine on the best music. Floor work is included, mixing stretching and sexy moves!

Perfect if you have not been dancing for a while and want to get back into it! Fantastic fitness too, you will not notice you are actually working out!

Our class is unique in Brighton! Just Dance Brighton really knows how to get the party going and leaves you in your best mood!

Location for our next class on 8th of June is Fit Studio in the centre of Brighton!

Dance twerk.jpg

Just Dance and relax!

It is not a secret anymore that dancing brings a lot of benefits to us! Physical activity helps relax and sleep! Listening to music, feeling different rhythms and forgetting about our daily routine is what dancing is about. I am sure you have experience it before, dancing at a party, on your own in your bedroom or at a dance class, we all feel much better afterwards. The difference is significant. Our mood is enhanced, our body feels more relaxed and energised. After having a bad day or a bad week, the benefits of allowing ourselves an hour for feeling more confident, boosting our mood, having fun dancing are huge!

Our mind relaxes and creates new neurone connections when learning a new dance routine.




Dance, stretch, sleep, repeat

Break the routine

After a long week working, our stress level can be very high and we end up feeling exhausted. Taking time for ourselves is very important. Our dancing workshop is a great way to learn new moves while exercising. When we exercise, the endorphins we release can boost our overall mood.

 Boost your energy and fight the fatigue!

Just Dance promotes exercising though dancing, stretching and simply having fun! The workshops are designed for all levels increasing flexibility and our awareness of our body.