Just Dance and relax!

It is not a secret anymore that dancing brings a lot of benefits to us! Physical activity helps relax and sleep! Listening to music, feeling different rhythms and forgetting about our daily routine is what dancing is about. I am sure you have experience it before, dancing at a party, on your own in your bedroom or at a dance class, we all feel much better afterwards. The difference is significant. Our mood is enhanced, our body feels more relaxed and energised. After having a bad day or a bad week, the benefits of allowing ourselves an hour for feeling more confident, boosting our mood, having fun dancing are huge!

Our mind relaxes and creates new neurone connections when learning a new dance routine.




Dance, stretch, sleep, repeat

Break the routine

After a long week working, our stress level can be very high and we end up feeling exhausted. Taking time for ourselves is very important. Our dancing workshop is a great way to learn new moves while exercising. When we exercise, the endorphins we release can boost our overall mood.

 Boost your energy and fight the fatigue!

Just Dance promotes exercising though dancing, stretching and simply having fun! The workshops are designed for all levels increasing flexibility and our awareness of our body.


Burlesque Chair Dancing in Brighton!

Burlesque Chair Dancing is a classic! 

Definitely one of our favourite  props, chair dancing is a must in Burlesque! Very sexy and sensual it can be a great fitness too! As part of our class we include a chair fitness track. The aim is to increase flexible and build muscle while being sexy.

Very popular in cabaret dancing too!

Burlesque Clothing, Outfits & Accessories! The art of teasing...

The art of tease!

Burlesque dancing is not the only way to tease, what we wear is another one! From corsets to silk bodies or heels there are so many options! You can go for a Fifty Shades of Grey style or more vintage outfit, everything is possible! Of course you should feel comfortable when dancing, and feel good in your body. Here are a few ideas of our favourites outfits:


We all look fabulous wearing Italian-style Stilettos ! Our legs look so sexy with it! They are perfect for a slow routine which involves poses and upper body moves rather than a lot of steps. Platforms heels are great too as they offer more stability and allows you to dance and move around! The last thing you want is to worry about your balance!

One of our favourite outfit includes: spotty tights, high waist brief and black top! Pearls as a necklace or bracelet, adding the touch of glamour and gloves for the burlesque touch. Nipple tassels are of course the perfect finale for a show! We love the black or red heart shape ones . To reveal only at the very end of the routine! The more we wait the more we tease!

Hair style: Depending on the routine, having our hair down is great. You can play with them, it adds a bit of drama to your dancing! Hair tied up means you can un-tied them as part of your moves!

Make up and Accessories: Masquerade masks add the little je ne sais quoi to your style! Looking very mysterious and Fifty Shades of Grey! We are huge fan of the red Chanel lipstick and sparkly eye shadows. The eye liner line is the perfect for a vintage style, a burlesque icon from the 50’s.


What would be your dream burlesque lingerie for your dance class?

Burlesque brings out a sense of playfulness and sensuality. Our dance class is all about having fun and feeling glamorous. This can be enhanced by wearing your favourite lingerie! The best way to boost your confidence and embrace your femininity. Just Dance Brighton is a huge fan of Ayten Gasson, a luxury vintage boutique on Bath Street in Brighton. The collection of silk and lace lingerie is stunning and all of their products are handmade. From the ivory pearl bracelet to the lace high waisted knickers, check out some of our favourite pieces!


Hen Party ideas in Brighton!

Brighton has so much to offer! Not only the beach but amazing places to eat, drink and party!

Once you have sorted your accommodation, everything is easy access and walking distance. Following breakfast in one of our favourite, the Ivy in the lanes, you can head straight to your first activity. A great way to start your first day of celebration, usually the Saturday, is a dance class! A mid day activity is a great way to get the party going and get to know each other, especially in a big group! The class offers dancing games, breaks with bubbly and photoshoots, plenty of occasions to break the ice.

Following the burlesque dance class, it is time to get back to the Airbnb and get change in your fabulous party outfit! A walk on the beach and a drink at the Brighton Music Hall is a must on the way! It has live music in the summer and such a festive atmosphere!

A few of our favourite places to dine for hen parties in Brighton are Las Iguanas (amazing cocktails!), Chilli Pickle and the Ivy in the lanes!

Once the sun is down, it is time to show everyone the moves you have learnt during the burlesque dance class! Brighton offers so many options for clubbing! The main clubs are located directly on the sea front. However we do love the Mesmerist or Casablanca and its Iive music in the lanes too.

If you are more into pubs, check out the Walrust in the South Lanes, check out the open area at the top!

After a long night partying why not finishing by watching the sunset on the beach with your girls…


Dance Classes in Brighton for REAL women!

Just Dance Brighton is about how you feel when dancing not how you look!

Just Dance Brighton provides dance classes in Brighton for all levels. No experience is required! Perfect for people who would like to get back into dancing! I have seen too many times people not joining a class because they believe they are not the right fit… So I decided to open my own dance school. We have ladies and men from all background, experience and body shapes! From mums, to students and career driven women! It is all about having fun, be more confident and exercise without noticing it!

Our studios do not have mirrors as the class is about how you feel and not how you look! You will very quickly forget your worries about how you look while dancing, it does not matter!

It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and welcoming!

I have seen people transformed! from being shy and not confident in their body to willing to perform on stage! The thing is ALL body shapes are good for dancing! Burlesque dancing will make you GLOW!

Dance Group Sept.jpg

What kind of activity can release stress and make me feel happy in Brighton?

Being part of a Burlesque dance class is the best way to take care of yourself. You might be a busy student or a mum with a career, we all need to have time for ourselves, exercise and have fun! Our schedule is hectic and it is difficult to balance everything.

Dancing is a great mood enhancement. It makes you feel happy in the inside and outside. Moving on the rhythm of music, getting your heart beat up and just enjoying yourself! That is the aim of Just Dance Brighton dance classes. You will be sure to forget about your stressful day at work!

When you are dancing your brain releases chemicals that enhance feelings of well-being. Only after a few classes you should already feel the difference! Your sleep will improve, your stress level will decrease and your body will get fitter too!

Great way to be social! We have a real sense of community in our classes. We are all women, men that wants to get back into dancing or start dancing to feel confident, sexy and just have a great time! No one takes it too seriously, if you feel coordination is not your best then it is called freestyle, and we embrace it! It is a very relaxed dance class!