What kind of activity can release stress and make me feel happy in Brighton?

Being part of a Burlesque dance class is the best way to take care of yourself. You might be a busy student or a mum with a career, we all need to have time for ourselves, exercise and have fun! Our schedule is hectic and it is difficult to balance everything.

Dancing is a great mood enhancement. It makes you feel happy in the inside and outside. Moving on the rhythm of music, getting your heart beat up and just enjoying yourself! That is the aim of Just Dance Brighton dance classes. You will be sure to forget about your stressful day at work!

When you are dancing your brain releases chemicals that enhance feelings of well-being. Only after a few classes you should already feel the difference! Your sleep will improve, your stress level will decrease and your body will get fitter too!

Great way to be social! We have a real sense of community in our classes. We are all women, men that wants to get back into dancing or start dancing to feel confident, sexy and just have a great time! No one takes it too seriously, if you feel coordination is not your best then it is called freestyle, and we embrace it! It is a very relaxed dance class!