Dance Classes in Brighton for REAL women!

Just Dance Brighton is about how you feel when dancing not how you look!

Just Dance Brighton provides dance classes in Brighton for all levels. No experience is required! Perfect for people who would like to get back into dancing! I have seen too many times people not joining a class because they believe they are not the right fit… So I decided to open my own dance school. We have ladies and men from all background, experience and body shapes! From mums, to students and career driven women! It is all about having fun, be more confident and exercise without noticing it!

Our studios do not have mirrors as the class is about how you feel and not how you look! You will very quickly forget your worries about how you look while dancing, it does not matter!

It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and welcoming!

I have seen people transformed! from being shy and not confident in their body to willing to perform on stage! The thing is ALL body shapes are good for dancing! Burlesque dancing will make you GLOW!

Dance Group Sept.jpg