Just Dance and relax!

It is not a secret anymore that dancing brings a lot of benefits to us! Physical activity helps relax and sleep! Listening to music, feeling different rhythms and forgetting about our daily routine is what dancing is about. I am sure you have experience it before, dancing at a party, on your own in your bedroom or at a dance class, we all feel much better afterwards. The difference is significant. Our mood is enhanced, our body feels more relaxed and energised. After having a bad day or a bad week, the benefits of allowing ourselves an hour for feeling more confident, boosting our mood, having fun dancing are huge!

Our mind relaxes and creates new neurone connections when learning a new dance routine.




Dance, stretch, sleep, repeat

Break the routine

After a long week working, our stress level can be very high and we end up feeling exhausted. Taking time for ourselves is very important. Our dancing workshop is a great way to learn new moves while exercising. When we exercise, the endorphins we release can boost our overall mood.

 Boost your energy and fight the fatigue!

Just Dance promotes exercising though dancing, stretching and simply having fun! The workshops are designed for all levels increasing flexibility and our awareness of our body.