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Burlesque Clothing, Outfits & Accessories! The art of teasing...

The art of tease!

Burlesque dancing is not the only way to tease, what we wear is another one! From corsets to silk bodies or heels there are so many options! You can go for a Fifty Shades of Grey style or more vintage outfit, everything is possible! Of course you should feel comfortable when dancing, and feel good in your body. Here are a few ideas of our favourites outfits:


We all look fabulous wearing Italian-style Stilettos ! Our legs look so sexy with it! They are perfect for a slow routine which involves poses and upper body moves rather than a lot of steps. Platforms heels are great too as they offer more stability and allows you to dance and move around! The last thing you want is to worry about your balance!

One of our favourite outfit includes: spotty tights, high waist brief and black top! Pearls as a necklace or bracelet, adding the touch of glamour and gloves for the burlesque touch. Nipple tassels are of course the perfect finale for a show! We love the black or red heart shape ones . To reveal only at the very end of the routine! The more we wait the more we tease!

Hair style: Depending on the routine, having our hair down is great. You can play with them, it adds a bit of drama to your dancing! Hair tied up means you can un-tied them as part of your moves!

Make up and Accessories: Masquerade masks add the little je ne sais quoi to your style! Looking very mysterious and Fifty Shades of Grey! We are huge fan of the red Chanel lipstick and sparkly eye shadows. The eye liner line is the perfect for a vintage style, a burlesque icon from the 50’s.