Be more confident through dancing



Be More confident!

Do you find yourself feeling shy and not comfortable in your body in general? Well you are not the only one! Pretty much every women are born not feeling good in their body! It is not fair but can be changed! And a great way to become more confident is simply to listen to music and feel the rhythm! Dancing and feeling alive, no matter if you are on your own in your kitchen or at our dance class! It’s about letting it go and feeling more relaxed! Our classes do not have mirrors so you will not worry about how you look. It is about how you feel that is important! Dancing makes people happy. During the dance class you will learn how to love every part of your body. Hips, chest, hair, everything is an opportunity to tease and dance burlesque! Trust me it is better than therapy, plus you can do it at home or with us, we provide private dance classes too if this suits you better. Looking for a fun activity for your group of friends? Book a class of fun and confidence with us! You will become the queens of burlesque and will learn an easy but impressive routine!